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ISO 9001, the world’s leading quality management standard, is under revision, with an updated version due by the end of 2015. All ISO standards are reviewed every five years to establish if a revision is required to keep it current and relevant for the marketplace. The future ISO 9001:2015 will respond to the latest trends and be compatible with other management systems such as ISO 14001. The following timeline indicates that the standard is currently at the FDIS (Final Draft International Standard) stage, and expected to be released by September.




How long will certified companies have to transition?

In accordance to the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) Informative Document 9 (click here for the document) the standard will have a three-year transition period. During this period, both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 will be valid. IAF encourages companies to be proactive and start the transition process now with an impact analysis/gap assessment.

When can we start the transition process?

Certified organizations should start planning now. IAF recommends that organizations using ISO 9001:2008 take the following actions:

  1. Identify organizational gaps which need to be addressed to meet new requirements.
  2. Develop an implementation plan.
  3. Provide appropriate training and awareness for all parties that have an impact on the effectiveness of the organization.
  4. Update the existing quality management system (QMS) to meet the revised requirements and provide verification of effectiveness.
  5. Where applicable, work with their Certification Body for transition arrangements.

So how does this affect my company (i.e., what is DEKRA’s plan)?

We are currently working on definitive timelines in line with Accreditation Body requirements, but we expect DEKRA will not issue ISO 9001:2008 certificates for new clients after Q4 2016 and existing clients will be expected to upgrade by Q4 2017. We will not be issuing any ISO 9001:2008 certificates beginning January 1, 2018. These timelines are subject to change.

My renewal is in 2016 can I upgrade then?


What if I want to transition in 2016 and I’m at surveillance?

Companies can upgrade prior to certification renewal year. In addition, the transition can also be made via a transition/special audit at a date of your choosing.


What’s the new structure?

The new structure of 9001:2015 is similar to the 9001:2008 as the first 3 sections are Scope, Normative References, & Terms and Definitions. In the 2015 revision sections 4 through 8 are now 4 through 10, but still based on the PDCA model.


The standard will have a cross-reference in its Annex comparing the changes between 2008 and 2015.

So the structure is new, what else?

  • Risk management: This is probably the most significant change and is mentioned throughout the standard. Formal risk management (e.g. according to ISO 31000) is not required, but some form of consideration needs to be applied.
  • Process approach: This no longer only relates to recognizing the workflows in the company, but now managing the workflows in a more specific manner.
  • Documentation: Now more flexible. Records and documents will become “documented information”. You shouldn’t get rid of your documentation as you still need objective evidence of meeting the requirements, but how you document is more open to best fit for your organization
  • Leadership: A formal management representative is no longer specified, but the standard still requires commitment, responsiveness, active support, communication, and feedback from the organization to ensure the establishment, implementation and the maintenance of system. In short, someone still has to be responsible but the responsibility is shared.
  • Context of the Organization: Providing a high-level understanding of the issues that can affect, either positively or negatively, the way the organization manages its responsibilities for the system. Issues can include conditions, characteristics, or changing circumstances that can affect the system.

Where can I get more information?

Getting a copy of the standard is always the best place to start, and there’s a lot of information available. We put together an online training for the standard that can be accessed at



How can I find out how far we are?

A good start is to take our quick scan to find out:
We will also be offering “Revision Assessments” that can be done in conjunction with your current audit (or separately) that will focus purely on where you are in relation to the deltas. Contact your client services representative or account manager to find out more.

What should we do if we are planning on getting certified in the near future?

It depends on when you are looking to achieve certification, so you should contact a DEKRA professional (1-800-768-5362) to discuss your particular situation. We recommend continuing with your plan, but also familiarizing yourself with the new requirements of ISO 9001:2015. When your organization is ready, you can decide to get certified to the current version or ISO 9001:2015 when DEKRA transitions to the new version.

What about the changes to the other standards?

  • ISO 14001 is in DIS stage. It is expected to be published in October 2015 shortly after ISO 9001:2015. You can download our guidance document at
  • OHSAS 18001 will be adopted by ISO as ISO 45001 and is in the committee draft stage.
  • AS 9100 will be revised to reflect the new ISO 9001:2015 structure as its framework. First draft is expected to be released in 2016.

I have an integrated ISO 9001 with ISO 14001 and/or OHSAS 18001, how will this affect my system?

The standards are now being based on Annex SL to allow for easier integration. You will need to plan your transitions carefully as they have different publication dates. You should contact a DEKRA professional (1-800-768-5362) to discuss your timelines and transition plans.

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