ISO 14001 : Key Concepts

Defining environmental aspects & their impact

  • What are your aspects? (4.3.1a)
  • How do you rate them? (4.3.1b)
  • Approach will vary from organization to organization
  • Examples include
    • emissions to air
    • releases to water and land
    • use of raw materials, natural resources, and energy
    • waste and energy emitted
    • packaging and Transportation

Awareness and assessment of applicable legal requirements

  • How are the legal requirements identified? (4.3.2a)
  • What are your the legal requirements? (4.3.2a)
  • How are those requirements linked to your aspects? (4.3.2b)

Establishing objectives and targets

  • What programs are in place? (4.3.3)
  • Who is responsible? (4.3.3a)
  • What is the timeframe? (4.3.3b)

Developing and implementing emergency response capability to limit and control hazards which may impact the environment, personal health and public safety. (4.4.7)

  • What are potential types and scale of emergency
  • situations?
  • What is the most appropriate response method?
  • What actions are required to minimize damage? 

Ensuring appropriate controls and monitoring capabilities are in place (4.5.1)

  • What will be measured?
  • How? Where? When?

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