ISO 9001 Quality Management

Do you want to convert separate operations into processes? Do you want constant quality in your end products and at the same time lower production costs? Do you think your service should be structurally better? It’s all possible. A quality system based on ISO 9001:2008 improves the efficiency on the shop floor and ensures less product waste at the end of your process.

With ISO 9001:2008 you ensure that quality is not just a coincidence. Our regular surveillance audits keep you alert and your quality management system up to standard. When DEKRA certifies your quality management system it lets you demonstrate beforehand that you can make good on your customer’s expectations. Regardless of whether you provide products or services.

Why a DEKRA certificate?

  • DEKRA is one of the most experienced certification organizations in US and Europe with a global reputation. You can count on a consistent, international procedure.
  • DEKRA has offices around the world with knowledge of your local market and the situation in your line of business. Our auditors are experienced and usually speak your national language
  • You can count on a harmonized international procedure. Our auditing schemes or reports in the US do not differ from those in Europe – although we naturally take your local situation into account.
  • Our objective is your process: more efficiency and a reduction of costs resulting from product waste and non-productivity
  • We help you with continuous performance improvement without losing sight of your customer. As a result, you’re in a better position to maintain your customer relationship
  • We take you into consideration. Our audits are transparent and we involve you in this. We always discuss the content of our objective findings with you
  • We know the market is very demanding so we make sure the certification trajectory is flexible and efficient
  • DEKRA offers you the option of combining the certification of management systems. For instance, it’s possible to combine the ISO 9001:2008 Quality System with the Environmental Management System

DEKRA is the house certifier for scores of reputable companies and institutions. Our core competency lies in the electrical field. Many utilities, power companies and suppliers hold DEKRA certificates.