TOM 2020 Announcement


TOM 2020: DEKRA develops its organizational structure

More than 3 years ago, all DEKRA units committed to the Vision 2025 to become the global partner for a safe world. For 14 years now, DEKRA is constantly growing, tripled its turnover during this time period and is becoming more and more an international acting company. Step by step, the expert organization is coming closer to achieve its ambitious Vision 2025.

Last year, the board and several executives have used this position of strength to review critically how DEKRA’s organization has to develop in order to continue this success story and keep on growing in the future. Therefore, as a part of our Vision 2025 and the Strategy 2020, the project “TOM 2020” has been launched.

“TOM” stands for Target Operation Model and can be understood as a holistic concept which does not only cover organizational structures but also processes and new ways of collaboration. The project “TOM 2020” has a clear motto: “Winning by Collaboration”. It aims to foster the collaboration within the group in order to build a stronger and more attractive DEKRA.

With “TOM 2020 – Winning by Collaboration” DEKRA is pursuing four central goals:

  1. Drive customer focus by ensuring one face to the customer and offering the full spectrum of services with high standards everywhere.
  2. Accelerate globalization by having clear responsibilities for international regions and foster collaboration between services and regions.
  3. Foster innovation and digital transformation by having dedicated resources, with a strong focus on cross-service collaboration.
  4. Leverage the group’s strength by improving the overall processes, using the worldwide customer know how and foster a closer collaboration internally.

These points represent the four must-win battles which DEKRA has to face to reach its Vision and to stay successful in the future.

In order to achieve these goals, DEKRA decided to implement the following changes until 2019:

  • The business unit structure and the distinction between service units / service lines will be dissolved. Instead, eight “service divisions”, as new clusters for our services, will be set up. The service divisions will have their focus on service development and service excellence.
  • The DEKRA world will be structured consequently in eight “regional responsibilities”. In the future, these regions will be responsible for sales and service delivery.
  • DEKRA will develop from a group of standalone, independent companies to one fully integrated group with clear responsibilities.


CEO Stefan Kölbl describes the “TOM 2020 – Winning by Collaboration” project as the start of a journey that will include many changes but will not change everything.

DEKRA counts on its employees because they are the ones who make DEKRA successful. Stefan Kölbl emphasizes in his video message that “TOM 2020 – Winning by Collaboration” is not about cost efficiency or staff cutbacks. On the contrary, the project ensures the company growth, job security and more attractive employment – also in the future.

From now on, further information about the “TOM 2020” project will be provided on a regular basis in the “Vision 2025” Community on DEKRA Connect. The final organizational concept will be presented to the top 500 managers at the Global Management Meeting (GMM) in June and to all employees at the Global DEKRA Day.

For questions, feedback and concerns the project team set up the email address